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Raccoon Lake Tournament Results 2011

Raccoon Lake was one tough place to be on our only Sunday Tournament of the year. Not only horrible boat traffic, but extreme heat with hardly no winds made for a very tough day of fishing. It was also challenging to a lot of teams to keep their fish alive. With temperatures in the 90s, and humidity almost as high, most teams came to the scale with relief to get off the lake. Raccoon has a lot of cookie cutter crappie, and we all knew it was going to come down to tie breakers, and who had the best big fish. Leading the pack and in an impressive manner was the team of Paul and Charlie Hildreth, who not only won, but also had big fish of the tournament!

Paul and Charlie were fishing in the very upper reaches of the lake/river in very shallow water fishing a Southern Pro tube on a jig under a float tipped with a shiner. Charlie stated that he was fishing in water temperatures up to 94 degrees and targeted the areas of thick scum cover on the water that the fish were using for shade. Paul and Charlie had a 7-fish limit of 4.44 lbs, and big fish of the tournament that weighed .77 lbs. This was a commendable effort. Paul and Charlie have finished in the top 5 of each event they fished this year, collecting valuable points towards the B'n'M points race and team of the year. It is looking as though Paul and Charlie are the team to beat this year! Great Job men!

Placing in 2nd place was the team of Myron Etchison and Ron Gooding with a total weight of 4.04 lbs.  

Myron and Ron were fishing in shallow water on the upper end of the lake fishing a shiner under a float set about 18" deep. This is Myrons 1st time in the top 5 this year. Good Job men! Ron Gooding also won the $ 140.00 50/50 draw.

Finishing in 3rd place and finishing in the top 5 for the second time this year was the team of Gale Risner and John Quinn with a total weight of 3.86 lbs

 Gale and John were slow trolling/ spider rigging the middle part of the lake all the way up to the 136 bridge. There were actually two teams that finished with the exact weight, so we reverted to the big fish as the tie breaker, and Gale and John broke the tie with a larger fish then the 4th place team.

Finishing in 4th place with the exact same weight as Gale and John was the team of Larry Yates and Doug Allen that came in from Ohio to fish with us for the 2nd time this year and finishing in the top 5 for the 1st time this year

Larry and Doug were fishing a single pole each casting a jig along the shore line mid lake. Good Job Men!

Rounding out the top 5 was the team of Doug Sikora and Gary "Woodie" Woodcock with a total weight of 3.85 lbs. They tied with Tom Hankins that was fishing with his dad, but won 5th with the bigger fish.

Doug and Woodie were trolling crankbaits mid lake and capturing a top 5 finish for the second time this year. Great Job men!

We had a total of 27 teams that showed up to this extremely hot tournament, our next tournament is at Cataract Lake on August 13th. I hope to see you all there!

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