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        About Indiana Slab Masters Crappie Club

Indiana Slab Masters was born from a group of men who love to crappie tournament fish but noticed that some of the larger Crappie Tournament Circuits were bypassing Indiana waters

The DNR now has a Tournament Lake draw every year for larger circuits, and once a year they have to draw for a chance to fish the particular Indiana lakes to have their tournaments. Of course the economy has had a downward trend for the last couple of years, which only magnified the problem of people showing up. There has also been the problem with less people being able to afford the large tournament fees of the larger circuits.

We are excited to announce that we finally have a Crappie Club in Central Indiana that will provide a solution for Central Indiana Crappie anglers who want to compete in a friendly club environment. 

We hope this club will make everyone who joins a much better fisherman (or lady). This club will not only feature competitive crappie fishing, but also sharing times during events and club meetings to discuss things like techniques, areas of the lakes we fish, and interesting things like colors, bait size, artificial versus live bait, and other helpful facts.

The hope of the club meetings will be to promote comradery and sharing amongst the members, and we hope to have every skill level of angler in the club from the novice crappie tournament angler to the seasoned tournament angler and all in between.

If you are just curious of what this club is all about, we encourage you to sign up on this website as a member, and even show up to our club meetings prior to joining the club.

The first and main purpose of this club is to make all of us who are members of this club, better fisherman, that is the bottom line.

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