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The American Crappie Trail will be awarding the winner of the B'n'M points race a free entry into a 2020 ACT Qualifier. The B'n'M points race winner will also receive an unpaid invite to fish in ACT's 2019 National Championship.

2021 B'n'M Points Race Rules


NOTE: In case of a conflict in B'n'M Points Race and ISM Tournament Rules, Indiana Slab Masters Tournament Rules Supercede Points Rules 

B'n'M Point Race Rules  

1. Each member will be entered in the B'n'M Points Race as part of their membership

2. Each B'n'M Points Race Team consist of 1 or 2 adult members. Youth can always fish and the team still accrue points.

3. B'n'M Points Race total points of any given season will be the total points of the teams best six ISM regular season points events. 

4. In case of a tie, largest 7-fish stringer of the year will be the tie breaker. If there is still a tie largest fish of the year between the two teams will break the tie

5. In the event that a team member can not fish an event, either team member can fish the event alone, with a youth, with multiple youths or with a paid guest member* (*1-time per team per year) and collect points for the team. The team can only use one guest member per year for the purpose of acquiring points for the team. A guest member is defined as someone who has not fished in the club yet during the current season and is currently not a full member. One time guest must be declared at registration. (Guest members can not be used in the first tournament of the teams year) If you claim a guest member (Sub) at a super event (2-day tournament) you must fish with the guest member BOTH days- NO EXCEPTIONS. Indiana Slab Masters strives to encourage taking kids fishing

6. Once the team has used their one time guest for points either team member can fish subsequent tournaments with other guest members, however the team will not be eligible for points for that event. The team members can fish together again to gain points after the guest has been used. Officials must be notified at registration if you are fishing with a guest and your team has already accrued points from a previous event while fishing with a guest. No exceptions.

7. A new team can be formed anytime during the season, the points for any team starts with the first tournament fished during the regular tournament season. If a team splits during the regular season, all previous points for both members of the old team are frozen. If a team splits during the regular season and both members continue to fish the club, NEITHER member gets the points and the teams points are frozen. If a team splits and only one of the members fish alone in the club, that member will continue to gain points for the team.

8. The top 10 teams will receive plaques and top 5 teams are eligible for a cash prize 

9. The B'n'M Points Race prizes will be awarded at the Indiana Slab Masters Classic Banquet

 Points for the B'n'M Points Race will be awarded as follows:

· 1st place - 100 points

· 2nd - 98 points

· 3rd - 97 points

· 4th - 96 points

· 5th - 95 points

· 6th - 94 points

· 7th - 93 points

· 8th - 92 points

· 9th - 91 points

· 10th - 90 points

· 11th - 89 points

· 12th - 88 points

· 13th - 87 points

· 14th - 86 points

· Every place down weighing fish - will be how you finish in the tournament + your team's points this will equal 100  

Example: if you finish in:

22nd place +78 points = 100

33rd place + 67 points = 100

40th place + 60 points = 100

· If you show up to a tournament but do not weigh fish, your team will receive 25 points

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