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Morse Lake Tournament Results

Morse Lake welcomed our members with warmer temperatures, but like always with Indiana weather an unexpected weather system moving through that had everything from heavy fog to thunderstorms soaked us to the bone. The weather did however clear out just in time to be beautiful weather for the weigh-in

We had 31 teams that entered the event and the results were very close. The difference in the top 5 teams were less than a half a pound. We had a tie for 4th, and it came down to the big fish tie breaker for 4th and 5th.

Finishing in 1st place was the team of Jim and Bob Raymer with a total weight of 5.21 lbs. Jim and Bob were vertical jigging with their B'n'M Sam's Super Sensitive Jig Poles with Southern Pro Capps/Coleman tubes in Black and Chartreuse with Pink Teezur Jigheads. Yellow and Chartreuse was another hot color for them. They were fishing Hinkle Creek and fishing 12'-16' of water. 

Finishing in 2nd place was the team of Doug Sikora and Gary "Woodie" Woodcock with a weight of 5.19. Doug and Woodie spent the day dockshooting, targeting the warmest water they could find. Their fish were caught on the upper end of the lake near the power lines. Great job on coming within .02 lbs of winning on your first tournament of the year!

3rd Place goes to the Team of Allen Reed and Gary Reed. Allen and Gary were spider rigging mainly live bait (minnows), however they did catch several fish on orange and yellow. They were moving very slowly (.3 mph) in the back of Hinkle Creek and had their best luck on minnow. Great job guys, as this was the very first time they had fished at Morse!

Finishing in 4th place was the team of Donald Licht and his son Herschel Licht with a total weigh of 4.70 lbs. Donald also won the big fish and it happened to be the tie breaker between the 4th and 5th place team. Don was fishing on the very north end of the lake near the train trestle. Donald noticed that in the afternoon that he actually had to speed up his bait to catch more fish. Donald targeted 8' of water and was spider rigging. Good job guys!

Rounding out the top 5 is the team of Glenn Gill and Tom Hankins with a weight of 4.70 lbs. Glenn and Tom were fishing the north end of the lake with Lake Fork Baby Shad. Sun Perch was the best color for them. Glenn and Tom were spider rigging in 10' of water.

Congratulations to Scott Gill on winning the 50/50 draw!

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