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Lake Monroe Tournament Results

 With a common theme to our 2011 tournament season, Lake Monroe greeted our members with tough condition and lake level 11' over summer pool. This is one of the toughest conditions to fish at Monroe.

Fishing Monroe with it up this far, requires a lot of patience, and a very slow presentation. 4 of the top 5 teams were fishing in heavy brush in a vertical manner. Only 8 teams of the 24 teams that fished brought in their 7 fish limit.

Finishing in 1st place was the team of Tony Williams and Tim Dunigan with a total weight of 7.92 lbs. Tony and Tim capture their first win of the year by fishing a single pole in hand and vertical jigging a curly tail grub in heavy brush targeting 8' of water. Congratulations guys, and great job under tough conditions!

 Finishing in 2nd place with a total weight of 7.46 lbs was the team of Jim Hughes and John Allee. Jim and John were vertical fishing shiners under a float in heavy brush. This is Jim and John's 2nd straight tournament in the top 5 and have shown that the experienced anglers are the ones to contend with! Great job guys!

 Finishing in 3rd place with a total weight of 7.26 lbs. was the team of Don Licht and John Williams. Don and John were fishing very similiary to the second place team with shiners below a float in heavy cover. Don and John have been very strong contenders in every tournament they have fished this year. Great job men!

 Finishing in fourth place was the team of Paul and Charlie Hildreth with a total weight of 7.06 lbs. Paul and Charlie were the only team in the top 5 that was spider rigging, but found the right pattern to be very successful once again. Paul and Charlie have been very consistent and have finished in the top 5 in each of the tournaments they have fished this year. Good job men!

 Finishing in 5th place was the team of Jim and Bob Raymer with a total weight of 5.77 lbs. Jim and Bob were vertical jigging heavy brush in 6-10' of water. Jim and Bob noticed that the bait had to be nearly vertical to catch the fish.

 There was a tie for Big fish with Tony William and Tim Dunigan tying with the team of Roger Claywell and Chris Jarvis with each team catching a 1.80 lb crappie. Each of the teams received half of the big fish pot and will split the Ted's Big Fish Award. Good job men!

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