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Mississinewa Reservoir Tournament Story 2012

Mississinewa Reservoir was supposed to be at summer pool by May 1st. In a 180 degree turn from last year where all the members fished water that was way over summer pool all spring, this year has been relatively dry, so"Missy" greeted our members with a whole new challenge, water that was 15' below summer pool.

With the warmer temperatures, a full moon, and the fish right on the verge of a full blown spawn, the fishing was exceptionally hot and most all the members brought a limit to the scale. Toping the field of 38 teams was the team of Gale Risner and John Quinn for their first Indiana Slab Masters win. Gale and John were spider rigging in 2-12' of water using Southern Pro tubes tipped with minnows and scented with Juiced up baits to weigh in 9.09 lbs. Along with a check and 1st place plaques, Gale and John will receive a $75.00 B'n'M gift card. Congratulations on your first win men, we are very proud of you!

Finishing in 2nd place was the team of Don Licht and John Williams with a total weight of 8.89 lbs. and also winning the Ted's big fish award with a 2.12 lb. slab crappie. Don and John were spider rigging on the lower end of the lake fishing 10-20' of water tipping their rigs with shiners, and using roadrunners on the bottom bait for the majority of the day. Don and John have been a strong team this year, and are moving up quick on the B'n'M points race. Great finish guys!

Finishing in 3rd place was one of the hottest teams in the Indiana Slab Masters this year, Glenn Gill and Tom Hankins with a total weight of 8.85 lbs. Glenn and Tom were spider rigging in 6-11' of water using Lake Fork Live Baby Shad scented with Juiced up baits and tipped with shiners to not only finish in the top 5 every tournament so far this year, but also take a commanding lead in the B'n'M points race. Great job men!

Finishing in 4th place with their first top 5 finish in the Indiana Slab Masters was the team of Damon Phillips and Brandon Owens fishing with Damon's Daughter Maggie with a total weight of 8.58 lbs. Damon, Brandon, and Maggie were spider rigging 6-10' of water using little hustlers tipped with a minnow. Congratulations and great job!

Finishing in 5th place and getting into the top five for the first time was the team of Randy and Shari Hooser with a total weight of 8.56 lbs. Randy and Shari were spider rigging Lake Fork Live Baby Shad and Big Bite Baits in 5-6' of water. Randy and Shari have fished every event since the beginning of the Indiana Slab Masters, and it was a true pleasure to see them get a top 5 finish! Congratulations Team Hooser!

In closing, it was very much appreciated to see the extra effort that was taken by many of the teams to preserve their catches for lively release. I witnessed Livewell additives and bubblers in large coolers in many of the teams. We had a total of 5 fish that did not swim away, and these 5 fish were taken home by a willing participant for a fish dinner. As the water warms this year, the use of bubblers and coolers to preserve your catch will become more important. Remember that if at all possible, use the recirculate mode on your livewell, and fill it early in the morning while the water is at its coolest point. As the water warms this summer, it is not a bad idea to bring frozen bottles of water or a frozen milk jug full of water to help cool the livewell water throughout the day. If you don't have a recirculate mode on your livewell, you can purchase a oxygen bottle and regulator from either a welding store, or a Lowe's type Hardware store and add a very small amount of oxygen in the water constantly and only pump fresh water in as needed. This will keep your catch very lively and help give them the best chance for live release. As a club we definitely want to make sure that we keep our live release rates very high to preserve the waters we are fishing. It is only required to release the fish that are brought to the scale, if you want to take home fish to eat, you are welcome to keep additional fish in your livewell to take home and eat, but just remember, the more fish in the livewell, the more oxygen it will require to keep your tournament fish healthy and lively. There is also a product callled Rejuvinate that is a livewell additive designed for tournament fish. This formula calms fish and adds necessary vitamins and other necessary items to promote live release. The next tournament is Lake Monroe. I hope to see you all there!

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