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Geist Reservoir 4/23/2011

1. Charlie and Paul Hildreth                         6.51lbs

2. Don Licht and John Williams                    5.29lbs

3. Glenn Gill and Tom Hankins                    5.12lbs

4. Gail Risner and John Quinn                      5.02lbs

5. Bret Cunningham and Josh Kleber           4.95lbs

6. Bill Fording and Harlod Ferran                 4.89lbs

7. Allen Reed and Gary Reed                      4.82lbs

8. Donnie Mandrell and Ron Bilbrey            4.80lbs

9. Jeramie and Ross McCullum                   4.74lbs

10. Jim and Bob Raymer                             4.70lbs

11. Doug Sikora and Gary Woodcock           4.55lbs

12. Jason Snyder and Dustin                        4.48lbs

13. Roger Claywell and Rick Bennet             4.38lbs

14. Jason Burnette and William Baker          4.37lbs

15. Eric Milsaps and Rick Hancock                4.34lbs

16. Randy and Sharon Hooser                      4.30lbs

17. Rick Walters and Larkin Parsons             4.23lbs bf .85

18. Walter Moore and Kirk Wyman               4.23lbs bf .82

19. Myron Etchison and Randy Marsh            4.15lbs

20. Ed Para and Robert Bales                        3.88lbs

21. Bruce and Cade Monroe                          3.78lbs

22. Noel and Christopher Thompson              3.00lbs

23. James Lasswell and Kyle Kress                2.93lbs

24. Chester Riley and Michael Harris                .81lbs

25. Joe and Tina Wilkerson                            0.00

26. Dax and Alex Harmon                              0.00

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President /Treasurer

Jim Raymer


Vice President

Tom Hankins



Glenn Gill


Advisory Board Members

Doug Sikora


James Lasswell


Mike Bledsoe


Tournament Director

Ron Bilbrey


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