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2012 Geist Lake Tournament Results Story

Crappie tournament fishing in Indiana is never boring! Right when you think things are going to explode from earlier than normal warm spring weather, the weather turns off cool and winds blow out of the east and northeast to even things out for the year.

Water temperatures that were once in the low 70s earlier in March cooled down to the upper 50s for the Indiana Slab Masters April event on Geist Lake. The fishing however never cooled down as for the first time in a Indiana Slab Master event every member that brought fish to the scale brought in their 7 fish limit!

Geist has proven to be a very popular lake on our schedule as we broke records for the number of teams (40) and the heaviest weights at this event. Finishing on the top of the heap was Doug Sikora and Gary "Woody" Woodcock with an impressive total weight of 9.23 lbs to secure their first Indiana Slab Masters win! Doug and Woody spider rigged in the morning targeting 8-12' of water with some custom colored Crappie Pro spinner heads tipped with shiners and spent the afternoon targeting docks to best the field. Doug and Woody will also receive a B'n'M gift certificate with their win! Congratulations Guys on the win!

finishing in 2nd place is the always tough competitor Don Licht fishing with his son Herschel with a total weight of 8.88lbs. Don and Herschel also won the Ted's Big Fish award with a 2.06 lb. crappie. Don and Herschel were targeting 12' of water all day spider rigging road runners tipped with shiners on the upper end of the lake for his 2nd top 5 finish in a row at Geist Lake. Good job with the impressive stringer guys!

Finishing in 3rd place is our always tough team of Tom Hankins and Glenn Gill with a total weight of 8.18 lbs. Tom and Glenn were spider rigging, fishing with their sponsors Lake Fork Tackle Live Baby Shad scented with Juiced Up Baits tipped with shiners and sometimes not, to capture 3rd place! As always, great job with the solid finish guys!

Finishing in 4th place was the team of Roger Claywell and Mike Wantz fishing with Mke's son Chris with a total weight of 8.06 lbs. Roger, Mike and Chris were spider rigging the upper end of the lake using Southern pro baits tipped with shiners to finish in the top 5 for the 1st time this year. Great Job Men!

Finishing in 5th place was the team of Richard Jackson and Don Houser with a total weight of 7.69 lbs. Richard and Don were spider rigging the upper end of the lake using using jigs tipped with minnows to break into the top 5 for the 1st time! Congratulations men on a job well done!

Finishing in 6th place was our Patoka winners Larry Yates and Doug Allen with a total weight of 7.39 lbs. Larry and Doug were casting Southern Pro jigs on the upper end of the lake to finish high in the points for the second tournament in a row! Larry and Doug are from Ohio and always give the Indiana Slab Masters a run for their money! Good job men!

In closing, I would like to send out a huge thanks to all of our members for the handling of the fish weighed in so far this year. out of the 273 fish brought to the scale at Geist and nearly that many at Patoka, we had all but 8 total fish swim away to fight another day! I would hope that this club will bring a similiar awareness of catch and release that the bass clubs have inacted, along with selective harvesting of our Indiana crappie. The finest fish to put on the table is the 10-12" variety, and nothing wrong with keeping the fish you are going to eat. Unfortunately every year our favorite fish becomes very easy to catch and seems as though the spring "slaughter" is on at many of our lakes. By releasing the larger fish to be caught again or allowing them to spawn, we will insure that our future tournaments will only get better and better! Please help me in encouraging our fellow crappie anglers to share our passion! Thanks again and I hope to see you all at Morse Lake!

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