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2012 Salamonie Tournament Story

Salamonie greeted our members with a major cold front and major chill in the air with very brisk winds. For many of our better teams the conditions totally shut off their bite as we had 15 of the 32 teams teams failing to bring in a limit. Finishing in 1st place and continuing their dream year was the team of Glenn Gill and Tom Hankins with a total of 7.78 lbs. Glenn and Tom have had an amazing year with only being out of the top 5 for one tournament of the 7 fished so far. Glenn and Tom were fishing Lake Fork Live Baby Shad scented up with Juiced Up Baits to take 1st place. Glenn and Tom stated that they had better success without using shiners. Congratulations Glenn and Tom!

Finishing in 2nd place was the team that won the Salamonie tournament last year, Jeff Yeakle and Jonathon Brumley with a total weight of 7.40lbs. Jeff and Jonathon was spider rigging 2-8' of water using live bait to take 2nd place! Great job guys!

Finishing in 3rd place was our B'n'M Points champs from last year, Paul and Charlie Hildreth with a total weight of 7.17 lbs. Paul and charlie were spider rigging 2' of water using straight shiner rigs to show they are still strong contenders! Great job on a great finish men!

Finishing in 4th place was the team of Mike Bledsoe Fishing alone. Mike was spider rigging in 8' of water to capture th place. Mike also had the largest fish of the tournament and will receive a $50.00 big fish award from Ted's Aqua Marine. Mike stated that the wind was so bad that when a fish was caught, he had to hustle to the livewell and get the fish in before the wind blew him on the shore. He was not able to cull until he was back at the ramp. Great job finishing in the top 5 in those winds Mike, that was impressive!

Finishing in 5th place was the team of Don Licht and John Williams with a total weight of 6.62 lbs. Don and John was using a single pole fishing with a shiner under a float. Don and John have been in our top 5 frequently this year! Great job and congratulations men!

in closing I would like to repirt that we had every single fish swim away for the 1st time this year this tournament! I am very proud of the Men and Ladies of our club for your careful handling of your tournament catch to get the most out of the weight and assure lively release!

Good luck to all of our members who are going to fish in the Crappie USA Tournament at Mississinewa/Salamonie this upcoming weekend! Our planning of our schedule this year was suppose to have Mississinewa and Salamonie as back to back tournaments right before Crappie USA came to town so our members would have the best chance to win it! Unfortunately with the graduation going on in Bloomington, we ultimately had to rearrange the schedule to allow both to fit.

I truly hope every member will seriously consider the Tanner's Creek/Ohio river tournament next weekend. After talking to those that are in the know of the area, it is very possible that it may take well over 8 lbs. to win. The crappie are plentiful in the Ohio river creeks, and you can go up many of them many miles. I truly hope to see you there!

Jim Raymer

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