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2012 Tanners Creek/OH River tournament Story

The Ohio River greeted our members with hot temperatures, hot fishing, and a similiar outcome as many other tournaments this season. Our B'n'M Points champs were decided, and the team at the top left no doubt in anyone's mind that they are the team to beat!

Finishing in 1st place was the team of Tom Hankins and Glenn Gill with a total weight of 6.90lbs. Tom and Glenn have brought their "A" game to each and every tournament this year, and are the first team to pull off back to back victories in the Indiana Slab Masters. Since their Classic Win last year, Tom and Glenn have been on a tear. They have won 3 tournaments (the last 2 in a row), finished in 2nd twice, finished in 3rd twice, and their lowest finish has been a 10th place finish. They have sealed up the B'n'M Points championship, won jerseys twice, and really seem to be peaking at the right time. They have proven they are definitely a threat each and every time out! Tom and Glenn were spider rigging with 2 poles and each casting a third pole using Lake Fork Live Baby Shad, and spraying their baits with juiced up baits in 4-12 foot of water. Tom and Glenn found the bite to be much better not tipping with live bait. Congratulations on an outstanding year men!

in 2nd place was the new team of Tommy Allen and Troy Chandler with a total weight of 6.74lbs. Tommy and Troy were swimming 3 inch yum curly tails and yum beaver tails in one of the creeks off the Ohio. Tommy and Troy were also our Ted's Aqua Marine big fish award winners with a 1.30lb slab. Way to start with the Indiana Slab Masters, a 2nd place finish! Great job men!

Finishing in 3rd was the top Ohio points team, Larry Yates fishing with his regular partner's Brother Tim Allen with a total weight of 6.51 lbs. Larry and Tim were swimming Southern Pro black and chartreuse jigs on a 1/16 oz jighead to take 3rd place. Great Job men!

Finishing in 4th place was the team of Jim and Bob Raymer with a total weight of 6.29 lbs. Jim and Bob were vertical jigging Southern Pro lime and chartreuse Capps and Coleman tubes in stumps and heavy cover in a Indiana Creek off the Ohio. They used their 11' B'n'M Sam's Super Sensitive Poles to catch all their fish. Jim and Bob thanked Jack Wells and Freddie Coggins for supporting our club and them personally as a team.

Rounding out the top 5 was the much improved team this year of Jason Snyder and Eric Milsaps with a total weight of 5.45 lbs. Eric and Jason were vertical jigging southern pro 1.5 inch Capps and Coleman tubes to take 5th place. Great job on your 2nd top 5 finish this year!

In closing I want to thank all of those who went to the Ohio River and saw what an awesome fishery for crappie this area has to offer. We had a low turnout partially because most teams had their years close to wrapped up, and partially due to other reasons. For those who think that Tanner's Creek is far away, it took Bob and Jim Raymer only 1 hour and 15 minutes from Greenfield to the Tanners Creek Ramp. It is main road the entire way, and it has more water available for fishing than our largest 2 or 3 reservoirs combined. The fishing there is outstanding, you can vertical jig, cast, spider rig, fish under a float, just about any way you can think of fishing for crappie works there. I would really like to get some input on putting this event back on our schedule next year. Even during 90 degree temperatures, the fish bit very good, and eventhough the boat traffic was busy on the main river, the creeks that hold the crappie has very little boat traffic on them. For those that did not make it to this tournament, you missed one of the best fisheries we have visited all year.

Thank you once again for the good handling of your fish as we are not aware of 1 fish that didn't swim away!

Next tournament is Cataract on July 14th! I hope to see you there. There are some very tough teams that still need to fish the last 2 tournaments in order to qualify for the classic so it should be some good tournaments!

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