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   Ted's Aqua Marine Big Fish Award

A big thanks to Ted's Aqua Marine for sponsoring the big fish award.

                      Geist Lake October 29 2011

  Jim Wilson and Brad Rush

                Patoka Lake March 24th 2012

Bret Cunningham and Josh Kleber 2.07lb

                    Geist April 7th 2012

Don and Hershel Licht 2.05lb

Morse Lake April 21st 2012

Glenn Gill and Tom Hankins 1.16lb

            Lake Mississinewa 5/05/2012

Don Licht and John Williams 2.12lb 

                       Lake Monroe 5/19/2012

  Once again Don Licht caught the big fish with Doug Sikora 

                The largest crappie ever weighed in 2.44 pounds! 

                 Lake Salamonie 06/02/2012

          Mike Bledsoe fishing alone caught a 1.61lb crappie.

                       Tanners Creek 6/16/2012

Tommy Allen and Troy Chandler

Lake Cataract 7/14/2012

We had a tie between Jim and Bob Raymer and

Tom Hankins and Glenn Gill

    Brookville Big Fish Damon and Maggie Phillips

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