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Geist 2012 Fall Kick Off Tournament Story

The 2012 Geist Lake fall kick off tournament welcomed our members with very nice weather for a change. The fishing was very hot as well. For the first time, all of our 32 teams competing for the new B'n'M points race weighed fish. Spider rigging ruled the day as four of the top 5 teams were fishing this way. Geist proved to be a lake with very quality fish as there were 3 teams that weighed in 7-fish stringers over 7 lbs.

Finishing at the top of the heap was the team of Don Licht and John Williams with a impressive 7-fish stringer of 7.85 lbs. Don and John have been a very strong team since they joined the Indiana Slab Masters and have now added a win to their many top 5 finishes. Don and John started off spider rigging in 2'-4' of water and after the sun came up they had to move out to 11-20' of water to catch their fish. Don and John were using live bait rigs and road runners tipped with minnows to capture their first win. Congratulation on a strong start to the 2012 season! 

Finishing in 2nd Place was our 2011 Classic Champions and always strong competitors, Glenn Gill and Tom Hankins with a total weight of 7.72 lbs. Glenn and Tom were spider rigging in 11-14' of water using Lake Fork Live Baby Shad tipped with minnows to start off the 2012 season on the right track. Glenn and Tom are also frequent top 5 finishers, and are always a threat to win. Congratulations on your finish. Good job Men!

Finishing in 3rd place and winning the Ted's Aqua Marine Big fish Award was the team of Brad Rush and Jim Wilson with a total weight of 7.28 lbs. Brad and Jim are a new team for the 2012 season and have started off strong with a 3rd place finish. Brad and Jim were drop shotting curly tail grubs in various depths to weigh in a very impressive stringer and big fish of 1.63 lbs. Congratulations on your strong start and we hope to see you at many more of our events next year!

Finishing in 4th place and breaking in to the top 5 for the 1st time was the team of Dan Paul and James Paul with a total weight of 6.51 lbs. Dan and James were spider rigging to start off the 2012 season the right way! Congratulations men on the strong finish!

Rounding out the top 5 with a very solid finish was the team of Allen and Gary Reed with a total weight of 5.69 lbs. Allen and Gary were spider rigging with Southern Pro tubes tipped with minnows. Allen and Gary were top 5 finishers in the 2011 Classic and have continued with their success with the start of the 2012 season. Congratulations Men!

A total of 32 teams showed up to make this another successful Indiana Slab Masters event. The weather conditions started with clear skies and temperatures in the 30's, with clouds and winds picking up strong in the afternoon with highs in the low 50's. Paul Hildreth won the 50/50 draw. Keep and eye open on the website as we will be having up to two off season club meetings where we will be able to renew our memberships and have a couple of informative seminars to teach our members on the proper handling of fish to assure lively release after the tournament, along with other good information and announcements as we attempt to increase the amount of sponsors for our club!

One final thought, as we are taking a long break before our next tournament. As you are sharpening your skills, prepping your tackle equipment for the new season, and longing for days of tournament fishing, please keep in mind all of our sponsors that help make this club a success and take a few moments to email them and thank them for their sponsorship! having the awesome honor as serving as the club president, I would like to personally thank each member for making this a successful club! I would also like to thank the advisory board members and officers that have served to make this a better club! If any of you have advice or comments on what we can do better to provide you a better club, please email me and let me know your thoughts, no email is too small!. I sure hope to see each of you soon!

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